Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mr. Pictures Goes International

Today's Mr. Picture was sent to me by fellow author, Dana King. As he explains:

Corky and I visited relatives in New Jersey over the weekend and stopped by to see Charlie and Ann Marie Stella for lunch. Driving thorough Charlie’s town, I spotted a Mister location and Corky took a couple of pictures.

I really wish I was at that lunch ;).

Dana's latest novel, Worst Enemies, is available from Amazon. The subtitle is, "A Penns River Novel," which is the name of a small town in Pennsylvania. Reading Worst Enemies (which is very good, by the way) I was reminded a little of the K.C. Constantine, "Rocksburg" books from the 1970s which also take place in a small town in Pennsylvania (I bet there are a lot of Mr. Businesses in these - fictional - towns).

Most of K. C. Constantine novels seem to be out of print, but I hope they'll show up at least as ebooks soon. Here's his Wikipedia entry:

And Charlie Stella has a lot of great novels available. So far my favourite is Johnny Porno (which inspired my own 1970s-set book I'm working on now) but I'm really looking forward to his next book, Rough Riders, coming out July 31st from Stark House. We used to have two teams called Rough Riders in the Canadian Football League but Ottawa is gone now leaving only the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Someday I'm going to talk Charlie into co-writing a novel with me about football....

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